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Another greeting from Danmark
Hello everybody in the forum White flag
It is so nice to be here and I am really looking forward to reading and learning more about growing tomatos Glasses There seem to be a lot of friendly and helpful people here, and a lot of knowlage to find :thumbup: Over the years I have grown and tried different kinds of tomatos, not nearly as many as I would like though, and I think next year the selection may expand quite a bit on our little balcony :laugh: This summer we only have two kinds: Ananas Noire, thanks Jörg Yes and a unknown red cherry tomato that I got from a friend years ago and have taken seeds of every year. I also wanted some dwarf plants, but they didn't germinate :noidea: I think I'll give it another try... Anyway, here I am, and oh, don't be afraid to answer me in german, I actually understand it reasonably well but still find it really hard to write myself :blush:
Lots of sun, Lotte
Hello from Germany to Denmark! White flag

Nice to meet you here! Give_rose
I wish you all the best for your tomato and chili growing season. May there be an enormous harvest on your balkony! wink

Thank you Maya Give_rose I wish you a great season too, with lots of sun and a huge harvest Sun
Lots of sun, Lotte
Hej Lotte, nice you join that forum. Yahoo
I am sure we will get a lot of tomatos in future. Dance2
Liebe Grüße Sebastian
You must know it, Sebastian. wink

Liebe Grüße Günter

Mein Chili-Thread 2017 bei HOT-PAIN
Hej Lotte,

I find it fantastically you has also come here. :clap::clap::clap:
I find yours plant choice very well, a pity the Dwarf did not want to germinate :crying: , but you get no Anxious next season more Dwarf. :whistling:
I am already on your unknown red cherry tomato tensely they is certainly to you tastes. wink :laugh:

Dein Deutsch ist doch wunderbar Yes , Du brauchst keine Hemmung zu haben. smile

Liebe Grüße

Herzlich Willkommen,
schön, dass ich auf deutsch antworten kann, bei mir ist es auch so, verstehen geht prima, aber schreiben ist schwieriger.
Die Ananas Noir ist bestimmt eine wundervolle Tomate.:heart:
It is nice that you have found the way to us.
Die Tomate ist eine Frucht, die wohl unmittelbar aus dem Paradiese zu uns gekommen sein muß, und wenn sie nicht die hesperidischen Äpfel bedeutet, gewiß der Apfel gewesen ist, den Paris der Venus bot, sehr wahrscheinlich auch der, welchen die Schlange zur Verlockung der Eva anwendete.
Eugen van Vaerst
Hallo und herzlich willkommen!
Viele Grüße

There's nothing better than homegrown tomatoes.
And hot peppers. And vegetables, fruits....